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Control Corrective Skincare has been helping people achieve the skin of their dreams since 1997. We wanted to share the inspiring messages and customer testimonials we’ve received over the years. A huge thank you to our awesome customers and estheticians who have taken the time to share.

My skin for the first time EVER looks amazing thanks to Control Corrective!! Current favorite product – Retinol C Serum.

Alissa W.

Collagen Eye Defense works amazing. My husband even raves about it to everyone.

Bev P.W.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30, I Love the hint of color and it doesn’t have a heavy feeling.

Christina Radcliff

The Oil Free Healing Lotion has a perfect texture and beautifully hydrates without heavy oils. Love it!

Ewelina Pelszynska


Sulfur Calming Mask, this clears up breakouts fast!

Jennifer C.

I have been using your products for a little over 3 years now and it has been an amazing transformation on my skin. I suffer from oily, acneic skin and it has been a struggle of mine my whole life, so I want to say thank you.

Keela P.

Headed to Disneyland for the day and can’t go without my Control Corrective SPF because I will burn without it! Love it. No stickiness, no funky smell, and NO bad chemicals like drug store sunscreens. (I have the tinted SPF on my face so I don’t have to wear foundation).

Leah G.

The Tinted Moisturizer is so light and smooth.

Lisa Ollivier

Professional Esthetician

I love this line. Healthy for your skin.

Lucia B.

I never believed that skin product could really make as big of a difference as this one does I wouldn’t recommend anything unless it works..I use the anti aging line especially love the anti wrinkle cream…My daughter uses the medicated pumice wash and the whole line for teens. It’s amazing

Michelle E.

My favorite product is the Clear Med 5% because it helps flatten my blemishes.

Michelle Jeturian


Sensitive skin cleansing milk. Perfect staple in my everyday routine.

Olga B.

This is a super light moisturizer which I would recommend to those with oily skin. The Oil Free Healing Lotion allows me to layer as needed and doesn’t break me out. Their packaging is simple and their ingredients are your tried and true. They are also more affordable than other competitor brands.

Tammy A.

The Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask is amazing! I’ve used it to clear up some annoying breakouts and within a couple days they were completely gone. The mask is also very gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin.

Rachel French

Beauty Ambassador

Bev P.W.Jennifer C.Olga B.I love Control Corrective. It is truly very proactive product.

Paryse S.