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Jessner Solution

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Our most powerful and impressive professional peel.

An extremely effective and professionally-proven peel that — over a week’s time — lifts superficial pigmentation, removes dead skin cells, dissolves clogged pores and helps reverse sun damage. The total regenerating effect delivers smooth, retextured skin not typically achievable with AHA or BHA fruit acid peels.

Skin Conditions: For all non-sensitive skin types. Targeted for uneven texture, photo-damaged or hyperpigmented skin.

Benefits: Jessner Solution combines three acids (Salicylic, Lactic, Resorcinal) to create a superficial yet highly effective peel.

Down Time: Noticeable skin peeling for at least 3 to 4 days and minor flaking for up to another week or so after that. Despite the extent of the peeling, there is no pain or discomfort during recovery. Requires follow-up consultation.

Does Not Contain: Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, Triclosan

Product Type Peels
Skin Concern Signs of Aging, Sun Damage

Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Resorcinol, Hydro Alcohol