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Advanced Education

Control Corrective offers some of the most advanced skincare education in our industry and is proud to be able to expand our reach with our online Educational webinars. These webinars are designed to offer superior advanced esthetic education on a variety of subjects without having to travel to attend. Please see our list of recorded webinars below.

To view our protocol videos, please visit our On Demand Education page.

Layered Solutions

Chemical peels have become a standard practice for estheticians in the treatment room. Discover how layering your favorite chemical peels can take your skincare business to the next level, by giving you the tools to create powerful, personalized treatments for all of your client’s needs. In this advanced class you will learn, how the most popular chemical peels work, in and on the skin; the latest techniques for layering multiple peels; how Vitamin A, Jessner, TCA, AHA’s, BHA’s all play a part in enhancing results with less downtime, irritation and risk of hyperpigmentation.

Learn the step-by-step instructions and see demonstrations of Control Corrective’s new facial protocols featuring the Layered Solutions collection for all skin types, including detailed pre/post care considerations to keep you competitive and on the cutting edge. Click to view webinar.

Treating Hyperpigmentation - Cause & Effect

Hyperpigmentation is a disorder that causes significant distress. Facial and body pigmentation issues can persistent for many years. Whether you have a fair complexion or very dark skin, hyperpigmentation can arise. Melasma is the most common type of facial pigmentation, however, there are many causes including drug-induced, photo damage and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

During this comprehensive theory and hands-on class we review pathogenesis, clinical and histopathological data, and treatment options in facial hyperpigmentation disorders. With an arsenal of topical skin-brightening ingredients and advanced facial treatments, you can dramatically help clients improve their appearance. Click to view webinar.

Advanced Skincare Ingredient Workshop

Become a skincare ingredient expert and impress your clients! In this class, we dig deep into the synergy of the most popular ingredients used in skincare formulations today. We explore the science of advanced clinical ingredients, the benefits they achieve and the results your clients can expect. You’ll master advanced cosmetic ingredient knowledge so your clients appreciate YOUR professional products and TRUST YOU MORE.

This workshop is ideal for students, recent grads or the seasoned esthetician who wants to be less intimidated by ingredients. Click to view webinar.

Control Corrective with Modalities

Have you ever asked yourself, does this machine really do all that it says it’s going to; do these products/ingredients get to the heart of the matter? What if I were to combine the two; would I get even better results?

In this class, you will learn how the most popular esthetic machines work to improve the quality of the skin and how combining Control Corrective products and ingredients will take your facial treatment to a whole new level of service/results/outcome. Click to view webinar.

Acne - Ingredient Spotlight

Did you know over 50 million Americans suffer from acne? Yet, 40% don’t know why or how to treat it.

This presentation will focus on treating acne with high performance ingredients that are sure to get your clients skin clear and staying clear. Click to view webinar.

Acne - Grow Your Acne Business

Are you tired of sitting around waiting for new customers? Could you get excited about your existing client scheduling their next appointment 4 weeks out? Do you want to make more money?

In this presentation you will learn the 5 steps to building a relationship with your acne clients and growing your business. Click to view webinar.

Acne - Treatment Room Success

The goal of every acne treatment facial is to help your clients get clear and stay clear.

In this presentation you will learn how to identify acne imitators, choose the right modality, and create a plan of action with professional treatments and an effective home care regimen. Click to view webinar.

Aging skin breakthroughs

It’s no secret that anti-aging is a booming market, but the technology and science to address and treat aging & menopausal skin is constantly evolving. Just as every life is lived individually, so too does skin age individually. This class updates you in the latest advancements in anti-aging, as well as teaches you how to individualize the curative treatment for any client and personally tailoring your anti-aging products and services to put you right in the middle of a booming market.

Learn the physiology, theory and understanding of aging and menopausal skin including both intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Click to view webinar.